New Climate Book



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“A profound and compelling analysis of the contemporary dilemma that goes far beyond conventional analyses.”

says Roberto Savio, World Social Forum, Alliance for a New Humanity

Most academic analyses focus on separate aspects of the contemporary crisis of human and planetary survival. In contrast, this work investigates the twin challenges of environmental sustainability and human well-being as interconnected phenomena requiring a fundamental psychosocial transformation. Using extensive research and data, it presents an incisive social science analysis and an alternative philosophical perspective on the much needed transition from a worldview of domination to one of partnership. Moving beyond the often heard cliché “thinking outside the box, Sustainability and Well-Being argues that ‘the box’ is not so much the current financial system, globalization, or capitalism, but the deeper psychological dualism of self versus other upon which other dualisms are constructed. This work utilizes the concept of the balanced Middle Path drawn from Buddhism to both understand the extremism and destructiveness of the prevailing global development model and to explore an alternative and sustainable trajectory of global evolution.

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